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Television is still the most trusted form of advertising – it is rocket fuel for brands. It is
irreplaceable and nothing waiting in the wings can do what TV does. Whether in the short or long term it delivers the most profit on spend at the greatest cost efficiency and for the lowest risk. Every major study into advertising effectiveness included those commissioned by competing media agrees TV out performs all others.

With over 40 years experience of strategically planning and buying TV both locally and nationally, at Innovate our knowledge of how TV works means we are ideally placed to plan and buy the best targeted campaigns for your business.

You may be surprised to hear that over recent years TV advertising has actually decreased in cost, where all other mediums have steadily been on the rise.

What’s more, TV delivers by far the largest reach of all media. In the UK we spend on average almost 4 hours per day watching TV, with an additional 30 minutes on other devices such as laptops, tables and smartphones. Not only that, commercial TV reaches 71.4% of the population in one day, 92.8% in a week, and 98.2% in a month.

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